Our Team

Eric Gulizio
Eric GulizioTrainer
Hello my name is Eric Gulizio. I am the personal training director here at Jupiter fitness. My experience in the fitness industry is vast with just a little over 15 years under my belt. I hold a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Other than being a new father my fitness career has been the most fulfilling job in my life. I could have went several other directions with my life, but never did. I have found my calling and will continue to be a part of fitness as long as it will have me.
Chris Boldrin
Chris BoldrinTrainer
My passion for fitness began when I was a junior in high school training for basketball. This led me to my field of study in college which is Exercise Science and Physiology. Helping others improve their physical fitness has been something that I enjoy doing. Training is not only my job it is also my hobby as I am training to compete in the National Physique Committee in the Men’s Physique Division. My motto: “If the mind can conceive it, then you can achieve it!”
Paola Armstrong
Paola ArmstrongTrainer
From an early age, I have always been passionate about my personal fitness, and I am always excited to help others on their path to a healthier body. From weight training to cardio, I will focus on proper technique to build muscle. strength, flexibility and coordination. My clients and I work together to develop a fitness plan designed for their personal goals.
Ernie’s journey into the fitness industry began 10 years ago with his own personal 55 pound weight loss. Although, his bachelor’s degree is in finance, he pursued a career in personal training because he has a true passion for helping others transform their bodies. Certification: NASM
Charles Cirelli
Charles CirelliTrainer
I began my interest in personal training not long after I broke my neck. I spent time working with a physical therapist. I started doing research about the body and started re training myself with the injuries I was dealing with. After it fully recuperated my own neck I became very interested in helping others with similar injuries. I began studying for my certification to become a personal trainer. I also have a large martial arts background, and specialize in training clients who would like to use martial arts as a way to stay fit. The love of teaching is what made me get my USA boxing coaches card amongst my other certifications. One of my specialties has become working with people who have prior injuries and also young athletes. I hold certs in AFSA, USA boxing coaches card, and ACE.
Nicholas Cox
Nicholas CoxTrainer
My passion is fitness and helping people achieve their goals. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference when I change a clients life for the better. I like spending time with my son, going too the movies, and of course working out. I believe in treating people like you want to be treated. I’m an ISSA certified trainer and I’m excited to help you make a game plan and conquer it!

Contest Preparation

Debi Laszewski, an I.F.P.A certified world-class trainer has amassed 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She is a perennial Olympia contender in her sport since 2006 as a professional athlete. Ranked #3 in the world, her attention to detail has set the bar in the industry for consistent conditioning and constant improvement. Attaining your goals requires desire, dedication and hard work; and it takes knowledge too.

She specializes in Contest Preparation for all divisions;

    • Bikini
    • Figure
    • Fitness
    • Women/Mens Physique
    • Women/Mens Bodybuilding

For more information please visit her website: Debilaszewski.com or email: debi@debilaszewski.com